Carnival Fun at the Peanut Fair

By Kaileigh Deacon


Summer is about fairs and festivals and the fun and food that go along with them. During the International Homecoming Festival Calais holds its own little fair behind the elementary school, the annual Peanut Fair. 

The Peanut Fair has been a International Festival staple for over twenty years. Initially the Peanut Fair was held at the Memorial Park on Main Street, but for the last several years has been held on the playground at the Elementary School. 

To enter the fair the cost is $4 for a bag of peanuts, plastic peanuts, which can be used to play all of the games. The games are geared toward young kids and winning earns you a token which can be redeemed for prizes at the prize tent. 

Like with all good fairs there is plenty of fair food to go around but peanuts won’t cover the food so make sure to have a little bit of cash for the pizza and cotton candy

Since 1998 the Calais Regional Hospital has paired their Doll Hospital with the Peanut Fair. The Doll Hospital provided kids the chance to bring their sick or injured dolls and stuffed animals for a checkup with Calais Regional Staff. This year Calais Regional’s pediatrician Dr. Jodi Ledford will be there to make sure everyone gets the best care they can. Dolls and stuffed animals will receive the same check up kids get when they go to the hospital. X-rays, stitching, and aftercare instructions will be available for kids to go home. Just remember time is limited so please only bring one doll or stuffed animal. 

The Peanut Fair is a great fun family evening with carnival games, food and the doll hospital and will be Thursday August 10 from 4-6pm at the Calais Elementary School.