Brookstone Fund Books and Other New Developments Come to the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville

Abbie Downes, children’s librarian at Dennysville’s Lincoln Memorial Library, shares stories from the 100 new children’s books provided by the Brownstone Book Fund, with listeners.

One hundred new books for children are among the latest additions to Dennysville’s Lincoln Memorial Library, made possible by the Brookstone Book Fund.  The new titles were selected by Librarians Barbara Windhorst and Abbie Downes and are being featured after school on the second and fourth Wednesday’s each month during Childrens’ Hours.  “We love to see the children’s faces light up as they follow a story and ask questions,” says Mrs. Downes, expressing gratitude to the Brownstone Fund for such fine books.

A gift from the King Foundation for new technology has also allowed the Library to acquire five new computers, including several desktops, two notebooks and a mini net book for general use.  A powerful wireless connection to the Maine School and Library Network provides public internet access around the building twenty-four hours a day.   Teenagers and others have been seen on the porch and in the parking hours after hours taking good advantage of this technological service.  Newly installed Office software is the being used for instruction in word processing at Monday evening computer classes,  offered free to community members through a grant from Axiom Technologies in Machias.  “Digital literacy is the way of the future” observes Library Chairman Colin Windhorst, ”and even small libraries such as ours can be connected to the world through the written and spoken word in all its forms.”

A new librarian’s desk is one a number of items provided by a grant from USDA’s Rural Development for equipment and furnishings.  Designed and built by a local cabinet maker, Ned Eldridge, especially for the reading room, it is compact and efficient, streamlining the work of volunteer librarians, notes Ann Carter, appreciatively.   He has rebuilt the large oak table, installed window seats with shelving, and built an audio visual cabinet above the fireplace for a large television and projection screen.  These ongoing improvements are part of the Library Association’s plan to make the building more useful as a community classroom, as well as a source of information and provider of many other services.   All of these wonderful new facilities are available and free to the public.