Pagels-Wentworth Resigns as Baileyville Town Manager

By Marla Hoffman
The town of Baileyville will soon be looking for a new Town Manager.
After a brief executive session during Monday’s Town Council meeting, Chairman Tim Call announced that Linda Pagels-Wentworth resigned her post effective Nov. 16. 
Pagels-Wentworth has been on personal medical leave for several weeks. She has been the town manager for three years, said Call. Her letter of resignation cited “personal reasons” as the basis for her decision.
“We will put things in place in the next few days to move forward,” said Call. “We want things to stay they way they are.”
Call, the council and Marilyn Roderick will be working together to fill in for Pagels-Wentworth until a new town manager can be hired. There are a few things that Pagels-Wentworth was working on before she left that will need to be concluded, said Call.

“There are things she’s been working on that she will need to close out,” Call said. “We just want to make sure things are buttoned up.” The town will be looking to hire a new manager quickly, said the council. They will be looking to Maine Municipal Association for help while there is a vacancy.
“We need someone here at the helm,” said Call. “So we’re looking to hire someone as soon as possible.”
Call took the opportunity to note that as department heads put together their budgets heading into spring, they should be mindful of the economic situation the town is in and be frugal.
“Spending needs to come to a screeching halt,” he said. “We are really looking for you guys to come down hard this year.”
Call said that the council will be scrutinizing each department’s budget.
“Everything is on the table,” he said. “We need to look long and hard at what we are spending. It’s doable – it’s just a matter of working together.”