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Sally Doten



What about this weather? It’s warmer now than in July and personally, I really don’t care for it. Give me the real September and October with cooler days and colored leaves, that’s what makes me a happy camper. Sorry you sun worshipers but that’s just me. Guess this is why I never wanted to be a “snowbird” and go south each winter. I will take Maine anytime.

Eddie & Evelyn Noddin were in Corinth last week to celebrate birthdays for the grandsons. There is nothing better than to watch kids and birthday cakes.

Don’t forget that if you have memorabilia on family graves at the cemetery they need to be removed before October 1. All items left will be destroyed.

The campaign to send school supplies to Humble, Texas is over. My living room looked liked the stock room at Wal-Mart; loaded with supplies and love. Total was $1266. Out of that $673 was spent on supplies; $256 was spent on postage; and cash of $337 was sent for the kids. People from Florida and California helped; my church was very generous; strangers dropped things off at the door. How can I thank each of you? There are no words except these two, THANK YOU. Rita Stewart and Irene Gallway came on Wednesday and we packed 14 boxes. Rita brought blueberry muffins and they were so delicious. I promised myself the next time I did a project she would be first on my list as a helper. Both ladies worked hard; a labor of love.

Noticed tonight on the weather report that three hurricanes are churning up in the Atlantic Ocean. Praying that none hit the devastated areas again, but also would love to have some of their rain over my house. Everything in the area is tinder dry. Mother Nature needs to do her thing and share the showers.

A town meeting will be held on September 28 at 6 p.m. at the Baring Baptist Church. This is the annual presentation of the budget. There are many hard-working people here in town and they need your support. Show that you care by attending the meeting. If we forget to care or show support we have no reason to complain about things that don’t go our way.  Though we have only approximately 140 voters in town, and we don’t always agree, we do need to care. I will see you on the 28th. 

This winds it up for this week. It’s been a quiet week in the neighborhood.

Stay well and care.