Baileyville Considers Rapid Renewal for Vehicles

By Kaileigh Deacon


The Baileyville Town Council met on Monday, September 11th, at the town office. The council discussed Rapid Renewal for vehicles, the effect of crushed rock being used to fill roads, and touched on Rick Bronson’s resignation from the position of town manager. 

Prior to the regular meeting, the Town Council held an executive session. Before starting the agenda, the council acted on the results of the executive session, which would allow for the lateral transfer of police officers up to a level three, with a signing bonus of up to $2500 on a two-year contract with the town of Baileyville. 

The Council heard town manager Richard Bronson’s report on the potential of Baileyville allowing residents to renew their vehicle registration online rather than having to go to the town office. Many municipalities across the state are starting to participate in the program making it easier for residents who can’t make town office hours.

Rapid Renewal would cost the town $350 initially and then $125 annually after that. Residents would be able to go online and renew existing registrations. New vehicle registration would still have to be done at the town office. Residents that renew online would pay a small additional fee similar to what they pay when using their debit or credit card at the town office.

Bronson also advised the Council that the sale of the lot where Dollar General will be going has been completed. Surveyors have been at the site and construction is slated to start at any time. Bronson also advised them that town manager ads have been placed and will be running in the papers, however, Bronson will remain on the County Budget Committee as this will end prior to Bronson’s term. 

The portion of Baring at the end of the Industrial Park will officially become part of Baileyville on November 1. 

Several town councilors expressed their concern with the crushed rock being used to fill in holes during the sewer work being done in Baileyville. The crushed stone is being dragged out of the holes they’re supposed to be filling as vehicles drive over them, leaving the stone in the street and the holes depleted. Councilor Steve Knowles got a flat tire from the stone. They are going to look at what they can do to get something done about the problem. 

The council authorized the signing of the inter-local agreement with Calais for the fiber communications systems, which was approved at a special town meeting. They also approved and then signed the Assessor’s valuation of Baileyville for the Washington County Budget. 

The Baileyville Town Council will meet again on Monday September 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Office.