Woodland Pulp Replaces Damaged Road in Baileyville

By Kaileigh Deacon


At the Town Council meeting on October 10th, the Baileyville Town Council heard from Town Manger Richard Bronson regarding the paving of some damaged roads. Earlier this year, Woodland Pulp and Paper moved heavy loads across some of the smaller roads in Baileyville. Due to the time of year and the weight of the load, the road was damaged. 

When Woodland Pulp and Paper drove over the road causing the damage, they agreed to repair the road. They just repaved the 150 foot road by the transfer station.

Bronson also reported to the council that, according to the company completing sewer work, the project will be completed on time. The work is scheduled to end on November 10th. The company will leave some equipment on the town property until early next year when they can pick it up. There were some issues with leaks on Fourth Avenue but they were repaired. 

The bulldozer the Public Works department sent out for repairs came back. The council decided to have the bulldozer repaired so they would have it when necessary for work in the town and at the transfer station. The cost for repairing the bulldozer came in a little higher than expected at $15,200.