Letter to the Editor - We need honest information from an honest lawmaker

 As of Thursday, Nov. 9, neither of Bruce Poliquin’s workers in his D.C. or his Bangor office knew what Poliquin’s position on the estate tax is.

 The estate tax is a foundation of our democracy.  It assures there is tax money available to pay for things that benefit everyone in the country (like roads, defense, Infrastructure)  in a fair way. It also keeps the rich from getting richer on the backs of ordinary citizens, since it only applies to inheritances of more than $5.5 million each and $11 million for a married couple (much higher than your average citizen’s inheritance for sure). 

Poliquin’s avoiding of stating his position reminds me of his position on the health care bill last summer. He avoided questions about pre-existing conditions for a long time. 

 When he finally voted on it, he assured us that it covered pre-existing conditions. But the fine print on the bill said that insurance companies could, through waivers, charge more for pre-existing conditions. Charging more makes coverage for pre-existing conditions unaffordable.

 Even President Trump called the Health Care bill on which Poliquin voted yes a “mean bill.” 

 Now I worry the same thing will happen with the tax bill. What kind of fine print will be in the tax bill?  Will Poliquin’s vote protect the common person and not the ultra-rich?

 I don’t trust Poliquin after his vote on health care.  Either he was intentionally deceiving us when he said pre-existing conditions would be covered – OR - he was not smart enough to understand what the fine print about pre-existing conditions meant.

 Either way, I am nervous. I wish we had a lawmaker voting for us in the House of  Representatives that we could trust.

Sharon Dean

East Machias