Editor's Desk - A True Measuring of Wealth

It seems like only last week when we were enjoying warm temperatures and easy strolls down the street, but, in true Maine fashion, cold weather has snowballed upon us. Happily, with the cold weather comes the holiday season, a time when the community traditionally rallies to ensure that as many people are comfortable and cared for as possible.

This issue is the first of the holidays, and, appropriately, it heralds the beginning of the season of giving. Donations are already being given for those most in need and others are raising the call to collect as much as possible to be distributed to the younger and most poverty-stricken of our area. The display is always heartening, particularly since children don’t always understand why they can’t have a particular gift – but they do understand the warmth of being given something by a compassionate stranger, along with the joys of participating in the giving process themselves.


Downeast Maine is far from the richer communities of our nation in terms of capital wealth, but it has proven time and again the richness of its spirit. 


Lura Jackson