Pictured is the Woodland boys’ JHS basketball team. Members include front l-r: Nate Scharff, Dehkin Socobasin, Ethan Monk, Cyrus Sewell, Justin Overlock, Shain McIver, and Brewer Andrews. Back l-r: Terrance Robinson, Alden Bacon, Dylan Thompson, Wyatt McArthur, David Howlett, Kaiden Spinney,  Josh Jordan, Keegan Wormell, and Coach Brad Richardson. (Photo by John Rogers)

Nice two-point layup from Dylan Thompson. (Photo by John Rogers)

Kaiden Spinney bringing the ball downcourt. (Photo by John Rogers)

Wyatt MacArthur handles the ball while watching the inside motion. (Photo by John Rogers)

Keagan Wormell starting down the other end after earning a rebound. (Photo by John Rogers)

David Howlett going inside with the ball. (Photo by John Rogers)

Justin Overlock ready to pass or release the perimeter shot. (Photo by John Rogers)