Calais Rec/WCCC Jr. High Tournament Results



WCCC organized a tournament for JHS area boys’ teams as a fund-raiser for Calais Recreation. The double-elimination event saw two great games between Calais and Woodland as they opened the event at 8:00 a.m. and closed it in the championship game. There were just five-points different in the two games, and Calais Recreation won the championship game 38-35. Thank you WCCC!


Calais 39 Woodland 37

Elm Street 31 Lubec 18

Calais 41 Jonesport 32

Woodland 37 Lubec 15

Calais 36 Elm Street 32

Woodland 50 Jonesport 26

Woodland 33 Elm Street 31 (Semi -Final)

Calais 38 Woodland 35(Final)