Falling Together in Time

Every now and then, we’re gifted with a reminder of exactly how interconnected we are, as a community, as a species, and even as living beings. When Carl Jung was speaking to a patient about a dream she’d had the night before that involved a golden scarab beetle, and a beetle with golden-green tints flew to his window, he called it “synchronicity,” or “falling together in time.”

Locally, one of these events happened to Rhonda French, who organizes Let’s All Have a Merrier Christmas. Rhonda was recently presented with a set of barely-used bunk beds by a donor who wanted them to go to a good home. While most gifts that are distributed by the program are toys and clothing items, Rhonda took the beds willingly. The next day, Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons called her, asking if she could do anything to help a couple who recently took in their two nieces and needed a place for them to sleep. The bunk beds donated the day before were a perfect match. This isn’t the first time that Rhonda has experienced this kind of synchronicity – she calls them her “Goosebump stories”, and if you have the opportunity to hear another of them, I highly recommend it. 


Lura Jackson