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Linda Baniszeski 


It is with a heavy heart that this week’s Meddybemps news is prepared.  Our long time dear neighbor and friend, Terry Reynolds passed away after a short illness.  A tribute to Terry’s life was held on Sunday, January 21 at his Garage Mahal -- a fitting venue for shared memories.  This is the place where Terry’s family gathered for holidays and special celebrations and most Friday evenings in the winter months.  During warmer seasons, his lawn and shore front was the spot for gatherings all week long for swimming, boating and general family fun.  

A large group of family, friends, former co-workers  and neighbors participated in Terry’s tribute.  His family members traveled great distances to be here with him before his death and afterward to mourn and share remembrances of him.   Terry’s granddaughter Alyssa and her son, Eli, were here for a few days from Scarborough, Maine; brother and sister-in-law Steven and Laurie traveled from Virginia, his father and wife - Erland and Gloria from Florida, and nieces and nephews from other parts of Maine, his late-daughter Jennifer’s family from New Brunswick, and Tammi’s daughters, Mindy and Bonnie from Milford, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively; Tammi’s sister Diane and husband Carey James from Orono; and Terry’s cousin Marc from Augusta.   Tammi, Danny Wallace, Terry’s sisters, brothers and sisters-in laws and friends prepared the memorial setting and meal afterwards.  A nephew from Colorado (an Emmy Award winning videographer for ABC there) created a stirring video showing Terry with Jennifer at her wedding, cruising the lake in his boat, instructing a grand-nephew how to fish, interactions with family and enjoying life by the lake, with gorgeous added scenes of the lake set to appropriate music.  Much of the video footage of the lake and Terry was taken during his visit with his family when they stayed with Terry last summer.   The video was beautifully produced, and one felt like Terry would step out of the video and join the gathering put together to honor him.  Another very nice slide show prepared by Mays Funeral Home also showed Terry and his siblings through their childhoods, at the paper mill with his dad and brothers, Dana and Rob; building the garage mahal, driving his tractor, and other improvement projects at his considerable property.  Both captured the true essence of Terry and the people and life he loved by the lake.

Comments and remembrances by family and friends spoke of his considerable generosity, kindness and quirky sense of humor.  His granddaughter Alyssa recorded a beautiful song and it was played during the remembrance as well a letter telling of her great memories and love for Terry, which was read by the officiate.  Many other letters of memories were also read which brought smiles, some laughter, and often many tears.  Our dear friend made life for his family and his neighbors on our part of the lakeshore a better place.  It won’t ever be the same without him.  

In happier news, birthday wishes go to Tanya Troiani on January 27.  

Familiar winter sites of ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing are seen on the frozen lake.  Coyote tracks were traced crossing the cove on the snowy ice and coming ashore near our home.   Scuffy keeps wanting to smell it’s tracks.  She has no idea it would probably eat her for a lunch.  

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