Used Baseball Equipment Sought for Area Youth

Do you have baseball equipment that could be used by kids who don’t have any of their own, or perhaps who have outgrown their own?  For the second consecutive year, the Calais-area fall baseball team is going to bat to help local kids gear up for the field.

Parents know the cost associated with outfitting their child(ren) for baseball season.  From gloves and cleats to pants and socks--all likely to only be used for a couple of months--the team will be collecting used (and new) items to share AT NO COST to other local kids who want to play America’s favorite pastime.  (Due to recent changes to Little League regulations with regards to bats, bats cannot be accepted at this time.)  

After carefully being checked over and cleaned up, items will be distributed in the spring in time for the baseball season.   Items collected will be made available to all area youth participating in any league or program, not just limited to Calais kids.

Last year, nearly forty local children benefited from this baseball gear drive which collected about 30 pairs of cleats, numerous pants, and various other items. As well, monetary donations were used to purchased items such as new baseball socks, belts, and pants.

Coach Matt Vinson started the program last year after seeing so many parents scrambling to get their kid ready for the season, as well as some players just not being properly outfitted. "Kids grow so fast. Those new cleats that fit perfectly after only two months of wear last year are often one or two sizes too small at the start of the next season," he explained.

 "They're not usually worn out, just need a good cleaning and then they're as good as new for another young player."

As well, Coach Vinson witnessed when kids have proper attire for the sport, their self-esteem increases.

 "I had a few different adults tell me how happy some of the young recipients were to own a pair of cleats or get a pair of actual baseball pants or have the right-sized glove. With the wrong-sized glove, kids just can't play their best, and it is sometimes  even a safety issue." 

The coach inspects each item himself to ensure all is in good condition. "It's quite common that baseball pants get some mud stains or a small hole and that's ok; they get cleaned up quite well with any stains getting scrubbed out before being passed on."

If you have items that could be passed on to kids who  want  to  play baseball,  email Coach Matt Vinson at or send a message via Facebook  to the team page: Calais-Area Fall Baseball.

If you know a parent of a fall ball teammate, feel free to pass items on to him or her. Monetary donations to purchase new gear are also welcomed.