Editor's Desk - Changing Perspective

    If someone were to ask you what you liked most about Maine, perhaps your answer would be something about its beauty and its small-town communities. In reading about the family day at Pocomoonshine Lake this week, I was immediately overcome by a wonderful memory of floating over the sunlit rocky shallows of said lake in a canoe in late summer. Sharing those experiences with our loved ones is like sharing a piece of encapsulated bliss, creating memories of rare instances when all feels “right” in the world.

Some might say that such moments of reveling in the beauty of nature with our friends and family is simply a distraction, something that can’t erase the reality of economic pressures, gun violence, and misguided public policies. While each is a real potential threat, should they completely consume our attention? If and when they do, what kind of change will we achieve with our unshakable focus? If we can accept that we do not have the answers to these questions today, we open the door to opportunities that enable us to take a moment and appreciate our ongoing lives.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for,” Dostoyevsky writes. With those words, he reminds us that “family fun days” and similar purely recreational events are not merely breaks from life, but rather, they represent the best of what life may offer us – and it is up to us to accept its invitation.


Lura Jackson