More Than Just a Basketball Game

Fans of all ages got to participate in the Harlem Superstars half time game. Three year old Cate B. got to play in the game and was one of three winners who got a photo from the Superstars.

By Kaileigh Deacon


Thursday night the Calais High School gymnasium was full as people waited for the Harlem Superstars. The game has become a tradition in Calais and the surrounding communities as it provides a fun and silly way to end the basketball season. 

This game highlights more than just the Superstars. It also features many local talents. The game consists of combining members of boys’ and girls’ basketball teams from both Calais and Woodland High Schools and putting them up against the five players of the Harlem Superstars.

Unlike a typical basketball game, the Harlaem Superstars gets the audience involved right down on the court during the game and at half time. The Superstars games have become a way for families and basketball players to have fun and get a chance to enjoy the game of basketball in a way they may not have before. 

The annual event has become a family tradition for many in the area and for some it has come full circle; with kids who once watched the game, now playing in the game.

The Calais High School JMG program helped sponsor the game and made sure that concessions were available. 

Crowd involvement was big at the Harlem Superstar game on Thursday. Jamie Thigpen gave a kiss to one of the superstars in order to get her purse back as well as dancing in center court. 

Calais High School senior Faith Tirrell gives it her all facing off in the circle with a Harlem Superstar at Thursday night's Harlem Superstar game.