Letter to the Editor

The weak and defenseless turn to the government for help. How is that working out for them? The boy that is accused of the shooting in Florida was reported to the FBI and nothing was done. The plight of the ten-year-old girl that was beaten to death was reported many times. How did that work out? The BDN reported that she fell through the cracks. Not true, the system was in place to help that young girl, but as it appears to me they did not do their job. There are many laws on the books that could have prevented the school shooting. So why do we need to make more laws to saddle the law-abiding citizens? God help them if they break a law. It seems to me if you are in a position to do something and you don't, that is okay. Just wait a few news cycles and ride out an investigation and things will be okay!

Michael Seymour,