Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational

Bible Study with “The Screwtape Letters” continues to be most interesting and thought-provoking, as thoughts are shared about just how little sins insinuate themselves into our lives … and how to deal with them. In the book by C.S. Lewis, sin’s development is encouraged by a junior devil, with the aid of his Uncle Screwtape’s letters of advice.  Wormwood tries to lead “the patient” away from “the Enemy Above” {known to us as God} to "the Lord Below” {known to us as the devil}.  These sessions, which will continue throughout April, take place in the lower level of the Dennysville Parish Hall at 1:30 p.m.

On Saturday, April 21st, you can start the day before 9 a.m. with coffee and “a bite” prior to the Annual Spring Meeting of the Washington County Association of Congregational Churches (WCACC).  Following the usual business meeting dealing with missions and other necessary matters, one of the pastors will take us on a virtual tour of the Holy Land, featuring pictures he took while on his own travels there.  Consideration will also be given to plans and ideas for celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arrival on our shores 380 years ago.  Two years ahead, but this should be a great occasion!

Then that evening, back at the Dennysville/Edmunds church, the annual Italian Dinner will be held in the Parish Hall at 5 p.m.  Lovers of Italian food won’t want to miss the spaghetti, lasagna, and other Italian dishes, plus salad and bread, of course, not to mention delicious desserts!  No one needs go away hungry!  Take outs are encouraged, too.  Bring your friends!