God's Healing Power

By Floyd L. Scott of 

Calais, Maine

Born 1963


Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almightly. The Lord's love will heal like a glove. He healed me as a young boy, at the age of 11 from a bad car accident. The accident left me with brain damage. The doctors said if I lived the first three days, I would make it.

I was unconscious for one month before I regained consciousness. I had to learn to walk and talk all over again. My body was weak. I had to learn to feed myself, go to the bathroom with help and communicate with people by squeezing their hand when they asked me a question. That was my brother's idea.

My dad worked with me for only one evening syllablizing words and putting them into sentences so I could talk and say the names of all my family. When my mother and brother came home that evening, they were so surprised to see the beautiful miracle of me talking for the first time again.

There were many different coincidences, like a speech therapist with the same name as my uncle. He was the first speech therapist ever in Calais and left a few months later after I returned back to school in January.

My parents had me baptized on the way to St. John's Hospital in St. John, New Brunswick after the accident. My brother was baptized too just before I got home from the hospital in Calais. My parents took my brother and me to the church that Mom had grown up in, Immaculate Conception in Calais, to make my first communion and confirmation. The nuns thought it was too soon after the accident for me to learn all the reading before May. (It was January then). Mom asked them to give me a chance to see if I could do it. We all worked hard together and we made it happen, along with God's grace and help.

The next week, I was prayed for in a large stadium on the radio over an open line by the minister who helped me and got me started. He showed my family how to work with me and every day I learned something new until I returned back to normal again.

This is a true story that changed lives of all of our family to see God do such a miracle in such a short amount of time. A new progress every day had to come from God. We were a loving family, but left God out of our lives until the accident happened. The accident brought us all closer together and to know God was real. God brought all the surrounding families to his attention by the accident. We started going to church and thanking God for this great miracle.

About five months later, Mom sent me and my brother to a church healing in Eastport, Maine. It was a healing mass, which was non-denominational. I was prayed over and laid hands on by some preachers from another denomination. It was so strong, it threw me back in my seat.

A week later while I was sleeping, I woke up in the night and I could straighten my arm out. My eyes were crossed and in the next couple of weeks they straightened out on their own with God's help, not doctors. A few week's later, my body started getting stronger and healing more every day.

I was so happy; I wanted everyone to know this great miracle. What a great miracle God gave my family and me. I will never forget the people he sent to help me. I actually got married at the age of 21 and have a family, of which I am so grateful. I worked and was the sole support of my wife and family until I was 40 years old. Then I developed severe head traumas (as the doctors called them) and they said I needed to quit work and go on disability.


I want the world to know that I got a miracle from God and that miracles are real. I am one.