Letter to the Editor - Christina Therrien: Ready Now For Maine Senate

 This letter is in support of Christina Therrien for Maine State Senate District 6. I know Christina as the president of the Machias Rotary Club where she is fiscally prudent with a strong interest in doing right for the people of Maine. In fact, this is her second term as Machias Rotary Club president. When she was the Machias Town Manager from 2001 to 2006 she also did an admirable job of leading the Rotary Club as president. Upon her return to Machias in 2015 following a 9 year stint as the Madawaska Town Manager, Christina immediately resumed her involvement with the Machias Rotary Club. Although I am not a Machias resident, I follow Christina’s work as the Machias Town Manager, and she seems to be doing a great job. Since our current state senator is not running for reelection, please throw your support behind Christina to make her our next state senator.

 Wayne A. Peters

Roque Bluffs