Editor's Desk

Spring always comes with a certain amount of energy as new growth and new life surrounds us, but this year seems to be particularly rife with promise. It is warmer than it has been in past years – the average temperature in March this year was five degrees warmer than last year – and we’re on track for fairly early spring weather. There’s more to it than that, though, and it has a lot to do with growth happening in the community.

While we won’t know actual figures on how the population has been changing in Washington County until the census in 2020, housing sales indicate that more and more families are making the decision to plant their roots here. At the same time, population growth is definitely happening in St. Stephen, and businesses are opening steadily on both sides of the border on a regular basis.

Major ongoing renovations in Calais include three of the most historic buildings in the downtown area – the McAllister building, the Opera House, and the Sarsaparilla building, each of which will offer new space for businesses that will attract visitors to the area. Unprecedented marketing and promotional efforts are now taking place, promising to open up the St. Croix Valley as a destination to people all over the country and beyond.

After a century of population decline and the closing of numerous businesses, it seems that Calais may be at a turning point in reversing its momentum, though only time will tell if it is successful – and how the community is ultimately impacted by the ongoing changes.


Lura Jackson