Breaking Ground for the Passamaquoddy Veterans Monument

The groundbreaking for the Passamaquoddy Veterans Monument at Indian Township was undertaken with reverence and the spirit of ceremony on June 21st. Natives, including the Passamaquoddy, have the highest per-capita military service of any ethnic group in the country. (Photos courtesy of Donald Soctomah)

Elders and veterans of the Passamaquoddy tribe broke ground on June 21st for the Passamaquoddy Veterans Monument, a tribute that will be established in Indian Township within the coming month. The Passamaquoddy have served in all branches of the armed forces of the United States, despite not having a warrior culture prior to colonization. The Wabanaki of Maine have served in higher numbers per capita than the non-Natives of the state. In recognition of this contribution, the State of Maine proclaimed that June 21st is Native American Veterans Day, a date that has been in effect since 2009. 


Ground was broken for the Passamaquoddy monument in full ceremony, with the World War I uniform of Moses Neptune on hand to “symbolize the ones lost in battle” that are not forgotten, per Donald Soctomah.