First Annual Passamaquoddy Youth Conservation Scramble

James Mcdonald drains a 10-footer on the eighteenth.

Event Raises $7,200 for the Youth Conservation Fund & Fantastic Score


Saturday the St. Croix Country Club hosted the first annual Passamaquoddy Youth Conservation Fund Raising Scramble under fantastic course and weather conditions. Two very special results came from this first of many events for youth conversation including the earning a big $7,200 for the youth, and then the 18-hole score that resulted during the event. The team of Richard Brown, Dave Taylor, Jeff Haley, and Darren Higgins earned an amazing 18 under par 52 during this 18-hole event. It was recalled that this had been accomplished many years ago, but within recent memory this is the best score for an 18-hole 4-person scramble carded. Gentlemen, fantastic job!


1st Flight:

1st gross and Tourney Champs- (52g)

Jeff Haley, Richard Brown, Dave Taylor, Darren Higgins

2nd gross- (57g)

Bill Annas, Darin Hill, Bob Davis, Glynn Urquhart

3rd gross- (57g)

Matt Altvater, Mark Altvater, Rob Finn, Sam Bell


2nd Flight:

1st gross- (58g)

Jeff Gregor, Joe Gregor, Scott Gregor, Ed Thibault

2nd gross- (60g)

Dennis Lewey, Ed Nicholas, Jake Bartlett, Bob Tracy

3rd gross- (62g)  

Mike Chambers, Marc O'Neill, John Sawyer, 

Johnny Deacon


3rd Flight:

1st net- (-50)

Joey Craig, Brad McPhee, John Braughton, 

Mike Demolet

2nd net- (-44)

Theresa Wright, Sandra Wentworth, Marcia Carlow, 

Chrys Landrigan

3rd net- (-43) 

Ryan Rohde, Marc Rohde, Thomas Stanhope, Tommy Collins


Longest Drive: Ladies- Allison Atkinson   

Men- Jeff Gregor

Straightest Drive: Brad McPhee


Closest Pins: #1- Stacey Atkinson  #6- Mike Chambers  #8- Matt Altvater (6-inches)