Uniting to Combat Hunger at the National VFW Convention

Department of Maine VFW Chaplain David Sivret, Mrs. Crown of Maine Sherry Sivret and Emmy award-winning news anchor and author Harris Faulkner. (Submitted photo)

Department of Maine Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Chaplain David Sivret and his wife Sherry travelled to Kansas City, Missouri for National Convention gathering with over ten thousand members, auxiliary and guests. They had the opportunity to bag potatoes for the  “Uniting to Combat Hunger” campaign meet people from the US and Europe, including California Poppy Girl. The VFW was instrumental in passing the lifetime GI bill and heard about the Veterans Student Assistance program.  The 2018 meeting coincided with the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The VFW is working with the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial on commemoration events. The convention had many distinguished guests including President Donald Trump, Oliver North, Lieutenant Colonel USMC Retired, President of the NRA, and Emmy award-winning news anchor of Outnumbered and author Harris Faulkner.  Hearing her speak we came to understand how Faulkner has respect, gratitude, and pride in the military.  Her story is of courage, love, and duty. 


Her latest book, “9 Rules of Engagement” brings to the forefront the lessons she learned growing up in a military family, all of which can be applied today.  The nine rules include “Trusting your own potential, Overcoming the odds, Recruiting our own Special Forces, Dealing with your demons, Staying ready, Wearing camouflage, and Unleashing the power of integrity.”  She spoke about the military ideals that shaped her and shared how everyone can benefit from the military wisdom.  Her father, a lieutenant colonel and decorated career officer, served three tours of duty in Vietnam and raised his children with the values and ideals of the US military.  She spoke about how grateful she is to her dad for allowing her life to be molded by those in the military, “people who served this nation for the greater cause. My dad is loving, has a sense of humor, and is a fabulous storyteller.  My dad would sit someone down and no matter what the circumstance he would start with a story.  He would bring me to the Pentagon where I met fabulous leaders.  My mom used to tell me because of my dad the bar is high.  As a child of an officer, we are expected to be positive components of our community and to give our lives meaning and purpose. I am very grateful for having grown up in a military family.”