International Homecoming Pageant Names Queens and Kings

Every year, the International Homecoming Festival pageant celebrates dozens of well-rounded young candidates from the community as they compete for the title of Grand Supreme Queen or King. Once crowned, the winners preside over a variety of events during the festival, including the parade, the peanut festival, and at Hands Across the Border. This year’s pageant, held on July 28th, saw the crowing of Maddison White as Grand Supreme Queen and Bryce Kenney as Grand Supreme King.

Several queens and kings were named based on their ages. Zoey Bridges-Armstrong was crowned Baby Queen, Raya Hooper is Wee Miss Queen, Taylor Cooper is Little Miss Queen, Cai Austin is Little Mister King, Maliah Webb is La Petite Queen, Gradyn Flynn is Young Mister King, Adrianna Ransom is Pre-Teen Queen and Mikayla Voutt is Teen Queen.


Proceeds from the pageant are donated to the festival to help support it. The pageant has made a donation of $500 for this year and organizers anticipate donating more once all of its expenses have been covered.