Decals, Bracelets to Support Coty Family Now Available

Decals to support Addison’s family are now available from Bernie Yost. (Facebook photo)

By Lura Jackson


The community has come forward in various ways to support the family of 18-year-old Addison Coty, who died recently in a vehicle accident. Bracelets commemorating Addison’s life are available from Carson Hold and Matthew Perkins, and Bernie Yost has designed a vehicle decal with blue wings surrounding Addison’s name and the years in which he lived, along with the words “Fly High” on them. The decals can be requested from Yost’s page, Bernie Makes Decals, or by calling Yost at 992-3600.

“Every penny made from them is going to her,” Yost said, referring to Addison’s mother, Angela Demmons. “They’ll be for sale however long people want to get them for.”


Financial donations can be made to the family by going to and searching for “Addison Coty’s Funeral Cost.”