Major Development Projects Underway in St. Stephen

This photo from June shows preliminary and structural work being done at the future site of the St. Stephen Landing Project, which will include a hotel, restaurant, gas station, and retail plaza. (Photo from Cordova Realty)

By Lura Jackson


The St. Croix Valley will see some major improvements in the coming year as a result of a series of recently-announced development projects in St. Stephen, including a hotel, shopping center and an apartment complex. In addition, the community and its visitors will be able to enjoy theatrical plays in the theater at St. Stephen Middle School, which will be receiving a $350,000 CAN renovation.

The bulk of the development will happen as part of the “St. Stephen Landing Project” – so-named by developer Cordova Realty, which anticipates that at least four buildings in total will be constructed at the intersection of Route 3 and St. Stephen Drive. It will include a hotel with 80 rooms, a McDonald’s restaurant, an On the Run store and Ultramar service station and a retail plaza.

“This development is a game changer for our community,” St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern said of the Landing Project. “This development… will enhance the capabilities of our Garcelon Civic Center to hold more and larger events. This growth in our community is good for us on both sides of the river.”

Groundwork has begun in the location and building shells are in process. Construction of the On the Run store and the McDonald’s is estimated to be completed by summer of next year. Once the Landing Project is completed, it will add approximately 120 jobs to the area.

“The opportunity to develop St. Stephen Landing...with an aim towards tourism and job creation in the community is an exciting proposition,” provided Cordova Realty founder and President John McManaman in a statement. “We are looking forward to sharing our vision to make this a signature project and expanding services to the people of St. Stephen.”

“In terms of the community, it is a tremendous project and we are very happy.  It will support the Garcelon Civic Center and help both businesses and tourism in the area,” said Richard Fulton, President of Future St. Stephen.

Along with the Landing Project, construction will soon begin on a 48-unit apartment complex dubbed “The Beacon: Waterfront Apartments” by developer Xenia Housing, fresh from its success in building and filling a 36-unit senior housing complex in St. Andrews.  The complex will be built at 51 Budd Avenue along the St. Croix River. Construction will begin next March and residents will be able to move in by the following December.


On August 20th, the New Brunswick government announced that it is investing $289,000 CAN to renovate the St. Stephen Middle School theater. The total cost of the project is $346,167 with the difference being paid by the parent school support committee. The St. Croix Theatre Company is greatly anticipating producing its shows there.