Good Luck Shop Opens In Baileyville


By Gwen Clark


The Good Luck Shop is located in the former Child Care / Laundry Mat Building on Route 1 just across from the Princeton Food Mart/Machias Savings Bank and Postal Office mini mall.   The owner is Paul Gluck from Grand Lake Stream.  He says that his last name Gluck descends from German origin.   He knew the owner of this particular building and requested the use of it for the Baileyville business.  

Although advertising as a Tackle-Gift shop, the business also sells hand crafted and hobby items. There are wood working ranging from small etched furniture pieces , wood burning pictures,  and stained glass hangings. On site tied flys, knitted items are Paul’s Mom’s contribution and  several of the wood items are his Dad’s added touch.   Paul states that most of the items have always been part of his likes in life.  He will make custom requested flys and has had several success stories with certain flys that he has created and they have been purchased and used, at a benefit to the fisherman.  He maintains an interest in model rockets and planes as well.  Thus another venue of his hobby section displays models for purchase.   The stained glass items are also his personal creations.

Paul makes many of the crafted items himself and still maintains working in Grand Lake Stream and so the hours  for this store have started out at a minimum and his stock is still being built up as well.  The Baileyville Shop is presently open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.  He plans to increase the hours as business picks up.   The back part of his shop sells nice used items, furniture and  what is called the Backroom Deals section.