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Dust off those bats, balls and gloves! The official opening of the new Pembroke baseball field will take place on May 11, 2013 at 1 p.m. and everyone is invited to help celebrate.  The new field is located on Liberty Hill Road on the site of the former Pembroke High School ball field, right next to the Fire Department.


Dawn Winchester


Hello! It is so nice to have lots of sunshine! My daffodils are finally in full bloom and I love seeing and hearing all the birds and other spring sights.


Kathy Mekelburg



There was an accident at the school on Monday, April 12th. A car lost control and smashed into the glass doors at the entrance to the school. All the kids had gone home, so no one was hurt and  the doors have been replaced in time for school on the 22nd.

Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski


The last week of April had a sleepy start as students returned from April break, telling stories of vacations that spanned to Florida and beyond.  Now firmly in the final quarter of school, the school year is picking up pace as students must prepare for next year.

Indian Township

Geri Reynolds


Teachers and aides at Indian Township School join forces to support Autism Awareness Month. (Photo by Donald Soctomah).


At Indian Township School April has been a month of raising funds for autism and heart health. 

The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard


Welcome, readers, to this week’s edition of the Dragon’s Den! We had a quiet week at WHS, so there isn’t a ton of news to talk about. So, get some packing peanuts because we’re about to pack in this week’s news.


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